Time Management

Managing your time is very important throughout you everyday life. I simply must manage my time daily and when I don’t, I feel out of whack. I have an extremely busy schedule for a senior in high school, through balancing: school, work, bowling, and HOSA it can get overwhelming. The recent item that has been added to my schedule is HOSA. Adding HOSA to my schedule has taught me how to truly manage my time compared to the other items on my to do list. HOSA is not like bowling, where the season is only active for a few months or work where I can set my own hours, HOSA is a 24/7, 365-day commitment. I’m either promoting HOSA to a peer or stranger, working on assignments for an upcoming con

Competing at the International Level

Something I have always felt passionate about, is photography. I love looking at photography, taking pictures, and editing the outcome result. This past year, when I was looking at all the competitive events HOSA has to offer, I came across Health Career Photography event and I knew it was for me! I had such a great time preparing for the State Leadership Conference and was very eager to compete, hoping to make it to the International Leadership Conference (ILC). After placing 1st in the secondary division, I was officially going to ILC! This meant that I was going to compete against other members from all around the world. I will admit I was very nervous, but when I got there all my

Indiana HOSA Merch Shop!

Check out our merch store by clicking this link: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/IndianaHOSA/ You can find designs like these and more! From anatomy puns to motivational quotes, our store has everything a future health professional needs. You can find mugs, stickers, t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, phone cases, and more on our store. All of the profits go to Indiana HOSA to provide members and advisors with unique experiences and conferences. By purchasing some of our merch, you are helping students across the state hone their skills in leadership and health care. Be sure to check back periodically as we will be continuing to produce new designs regularly! Also, feel free to submit your id

10 Times "The Office" Perfectly Explained Back to School

1. Realizing summer is over and school starts in a few weeks. 2. Walking in to school for the first day like: 3. Meeting your new teachers and listening to class room expectations for 8 hours on day 1. 4. Seeing your friends that you didn't get the chance to hang out with over summer 5. Getting your first homework assignment of the year 6. Deciding you "don't need this" at the end of the first bad day of the year.... then changing your mind. 7. Prepping for your first set of tests that came up way too soon in the year. 8. Realizing you aced your tests after stressing for a week about them. 9. Getting assigned your first group project of the year and being partnered with your best friends. 10

How HOSA has changed me

Leadership. Some say you are born with it, others say you must develop it. Prior to HOSA, I avoided getting my name called in class to read a simple answer to a math problem. If a group project was assigned, I would sit in the background as the other group members did the work. After I joined my local chapter, a fire was ignited inside of me. With each HOSA meeting, I found myself being more engaged and willing to join in the conversation. Instead of being the student shying away in the back of the room, I was the student pitching new ideas to the group. I encouraged other students to get more involved with me. Together, we worked to better our chapter and to get even more students i

Back to School HOSA Members!

Trust me, we all know how hard it is to trade in your swimsuits and sunscreen for textbooks and backpacks... But here are some back to school tips that can change your year for the better! #1: Get Organized! Use a planner to start preparing for upcoming events and assignments. By staying organized you will be less stressed and more likely to remember and accomplish the things you need to get done! If you’re tech-savvy, start loading in your schedule on your phone or computer, and set yourself reminders! #2: Challenge Yourself! Don’t take the easy road, because you become more engaged when facing difficulties, thus learning more in class. Stick with the harder class, become more involved with

How HOSA Helped to Refine my Career Pathway

HOSA: Future Health Professionals is an organization compiled of members striving to enter the medical field, and I am no exception. Ever since my Freshman year of high school I was infatuated with the idea of becoming a medical professional, however, I also had a love for the idea of engineering. For the longest time, I was racking my brain trying to figure out how I could combine the best parts of the two career pathways I wished to take in my future. In the midst of my dilemma my teacher had reached out to me about the idea of joining my local HOSA chapter, and then things started to get clearer. *My HOSA Chapter at State Leadership Conference 2018* My HOSA chapter at Richmond High School

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