Making the Most of Your Summer

1. Get out of bed! Getting up early gives you more time to get more done throughout the day. It also creates a habit that will benefit you when school starts again. 2. Get a new job or work more. Working over the summer minimizes the amount of time spent working during school as well as the stress of balancing homework and work. 3. Get started on online summer classes. Procrastinating will add stress and will make you miss out on the last few weeks of summer. 4. Work out. Whether it is going for a run, lifting weights, or doing yoga, working out will not only make you fit, but it will also make you feel more productive and happy! 5. Strengthen your relationships with others, whether it is fr

Being the Youngest on the Team

Most of my life, I have constantly been told that I was too old or that I needed to be a “big kid”. Being the older sister to my brother and the oldest cousin I always knew that I needed to set an example—I needed to be a “grown up”. So for me being the youngest on my team is a little awkward, because I am normally the oldest. My team consists of four college freshman, two high school seniors, and of course, me—one high school junior. You wouldn’t be able to tell that I’m younger compared to my team unless we told you. I’ve learned that being the youngest isn’t a bad thing, but an opportunity to learn from those with more experience. While talking and bonding with my team they’ve given me

5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression

5 Ways to Make a Good First Impression 1. Be Confident Being confident when making a good first impression is KEY. If you seem unsure of yourself you WILL come across that way. You can pretend to be confident even if you aren’t! 2. Good Handshake Having a good handshake when introducing yourself to someone is SUPER important. Not only is it your introduction, but your handshake can tell someone what kind of person you are. If you have a strong handshake someone will think you are confident. 3. Good Eye Contact Holding good eye contact shows someone that you are engaged and care about what they are talking about. Staring or wandering eyes can show that you are bored or distracted. 4. Ask

Anthony's Experience as a State Officer

The reason I even thought about running for state officer is because of my class instructor and State Advisor. They kind of just told me out of the blue, which really shocked me if I’m being totally honest. The reason being is because I could never see myself doing something so big and nerve racking. Then I realized that if they believed in me then I really should believe in myself and take this opportunity and use it to better myself. The first process we went through was Hosa history , which you had to learn and take a quiz over. The second part was actually meeting of the current officers and being interviewed. The part that scared me most was the interview because you going to a room wit

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