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Healthy Skin

The largest organ in our body is our skin. The organ wraps us and shows the world our physical features. The skin has multiple factors that make it an outstanding organ, besides covering us and making us feel beautiful. The skin also is the first protection against viruses and diseases from entering the body. The organ protects us from the dangers of the world. And as humans we do our best to protect such an intriguing organ, we purchase expensive skin products to make it shiny and more attractive. So, of us use makeup to enhance specific parts of the skin. But the importance of keeping our skin safe and healthy is essential and knowing what products do keep the skin clean and healthy will help this organ thrive.

One of the things that keep us as humans unique is that our skins have this component of melanin that gives them different shades. The more the melanin the darker the skin and the less melanin our skin has the lighter our skin shade is. And with the overcoming of time, many people don’t want to have very little melanin look on their skin. Going out in the sun is one way that we can enhance the appeal of melanin in our skin, but during colder months when there is no sun we resort to tanning beds. In America alone, 38 million citizens resort to tanning in tanning beds. Worldwide 9.7 million people resort to using tanning beds to enhance the melanin in their skin and to have a darker shade for their skin for a couple of months. But the ultraviolet radiation that the skin seeps in during either the long- or short-time intervals (depending on the consumer) harms the skin at extreme levels.

The science behind tanning beds that cause us to appear, tanner, is that the radiation exposure that our skin feels as it is in a tanning bed, causes our skin as a defense mechanism to produce more melanin. Which as a result darkens the skin, but this exposure to radiation can damage the skin at a deeper level than just the outbreak of melanin. Exposure to radiation can lead to skin cancers like Melanoma. Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer because it spreads more rapidly than any other form of cancer, it forms in skill cells known as melanocytes. This deadly cancer on average gives the patient six to nine months of time to live, and less than five percent will make it to the five-year survival rates. And as of 2021, an estimated number of 7,180 people will die from this cancer.

But let’s start finding ways on how to keep our skins healthy. And that using sunscreen as a more protective layer from the harmful rays of the sun that can also damage our skin cells. Use sunscreen during the day and before going to bed for better results. Ask your doctor what sunscreen will be the best for your skin, but any form or brand of sunscreen that is sold at your local store will give you this protective layer for your skin.

Another thing that we should factor in, is that though we want darker melanin in our skin because of so-called trends that make us insecure about our own skin, we should own our differences. The skin that we wear doesn’t define who we are as a person, so why should we try to change it. The skin that we wear just adds to our individual unique personalities. Take pride in the skin shade you have because it is beautiful!


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