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Time Management

Managing your time is very important throughout you everyday life. I simply must manage my time daily and when I don’t, I feel out of whack.

I have an extremely busy schedule for a senior in high school, through balancing: school, work, bowling, and HOSA it can get overwhelming.

The recent item that has been added to my schedule is HOSA. Adding HOSA to my schedule has taught me how to truly manage my time compared to the other items on my to do list.

HOSA is not like bowling, where the season is only active for a few months or work where I can set my own hours, HOSA is a 24/7, 365-day commitment. I’m either promoting HOSA to a peer or stranger, working on assignments for an upcoming conference, weekly blog post, or studying the history and well-being of this profound organization. First, I manage my time by writing my assignments down in my planner. The order I work on them is based on which one needs to be completed first. For example, if I have a paper due in a month and a math assignment due in two days, I’m going to work on the math assignment first, duh!

I also do not procrastinate. When studying PowerPoints for Fall Leadership Conference, I don’t wait the night before the conference to begin studying. I study far in advance, such as a month before the conference, daily. The two most important things that will help you with time management is writing your assignments down in a planner and working on them from most important to least, and not procrastinating. When following these rules, once you complete all of your assignments, you will feel a sense of relief and be able to sit back and relax.

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