Project Sunshine

In August of 1998, undergrad Joe Weilgus was visiting a friend of his in the hospital. As he strolled by the pediatric wing of the hospital, he noticed that many of the young patients were sitting alone in their hospital rooms, bored and cheerless, with nothing to entertain them. When Joe went home, he could not forget what he saw on his visit to the hospital. That’s when he hatched a plan. Later that week, Joe, dressed as a clown, spread cheer throughout the pediatric wing. Joe’s upbeat energy lifted the spirits of many of the young patients, as well as distressed parents. As he sat and “clowned around” with many of the children, he realized that these kids could all use some companionship

Military Physician

Have you ever wanted to practice medicine, travel the world, and serve your country all at the same time? If so, joining a branch of the armed forces could be the perfect move for you. The military is often an overlooked and underappreciated opportunity for those looking to pursue a career in medicine. Whether it be the army, navy, or air force, there are endless opportunities for physicians in all specialties, not just those related to combat. Contrary to popular belief, the military still needs physicians in specialties such as pediatrics, geriatrics, dermatology, and many more. There is a common train of thought that leads us to believe that just because you are in the military you have t

Summer Activities to Stay Healthy and Promote Brain Development

It is finally July and with it comes the hot and humid weather. July is considered to be one of the hottest months of the year and it is also when students are at home enjoying their summer break. It is important that during this long break from school they still participate in activities that promotes their mental and physical growth. This year more than ever parents are responsible to keep their children engaged since daycares and summer activities are all closed due to COVID- 19 (MedicalXpress). The list of activities below can serve as a guide for parents and children to keep themselves engaged over summer. Activity 1: Promote foundational learning (especially in younger children). You

A Look Into Travel Nursing

What is travel nursing? Travel nursing is when a registered nurse will sign with a company and for intervals of time they will travel from state to state or sometimes to other countries to usually help hospitals with a shortage of nurses. There is a shortage of nurses almost everywhere. The great thing about travel nursing is the variety of places they get to travel and see. Most assignments are on average 13 weeks but, they can last up to a year or longer depending on where they are. To be a travel nurse it is required to have a Registered Nurse license and recommended to have 2 years of floor experience under your belt. After attending nursing school students will take the NCLEX exam. Once

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