Highlights of FLC

WOW! Wasn’t the 2018 Fall Leadership Conference amazing? I know the State Officer Team had a fantastic time with all our members! From the educational workshops to the inspiring Ryan Moran to the enjoyable dance party, many unforgettable memories were made! My favorite part of FLC was getting to meet members and talk to them about what their chapters are doing back home. I hope FLC was an opportunity where you all were able to learn more about HOSA: Future Health Professional and about leadership skills. It was awesome to see familiar and new faces this year! Do not forget Indiana HOSA’s Winter Rally is coming up in January! I look forward to seeing you all at there!

5 Reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and in honor of the day, I am going to give you 5 reasons to be thankful this season. 1. Be thankful for your colleagues. Whether they be a positive or a negative part of your life, they have helped guide you into who you want to be. These people teach you every day, realize it or not. Their actions influence you in your everyday activities. As for your close friends and family, be thankful that they have stayed by you through thick and thin. Be thankful for their love and support. 2. Be thankful for your flaws and errors. Your mistakes help mold you into a better leader. Nobody would get anywhere if everything they did was exactly right all the t

What to do if You are Unsure of Your Future

As teenagers, we are pressured into figuring out the career we want to go into very early in our highschool careers. And although us members of HOSA have figured out we have a passion for health care, we still may be unsure of the career we want to pursue. And that is completely okay. As we grow older, our plans, interests, and goals will naturally change. This is normally what causes us to change our majors, or to simply feel unsure of our future. Do we follow what we want to do? What our parents want us to do? Or the job with the highest pay? It is important that those who are struggling with this big decision understand that they are among many others. As someone who is currently debating

Marketing the Ordinary

We all want to have the biggest, strongest chapter but it doesn’t always seem to work out that way. Sometimes, it’s hard to recruit members. Although you might be the most passionate member of your organization, not everyone will be as invested—but how can you change that? Recruiting members can be difficult. Most high schools have a ginormous amount of organizations that students can be apart of, maybe even other organizations similar to HOSA. Some students are just simply too involved—maybe they’re already a part of too many organizations and don’t have any extra time to spare. Start by laying out some of the facts about the organization. No one is going to join an organization that they k

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