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10 Times "The Office" Perfectly Explained Back to School

1. Realizing summer is over and school starts in a few weeks.

2. Walking in to school for the first day like:

3. Meeting your new teachers and listening to class room expectations for 8 hours on day 1.

4. Seeing your friends that you didn't get the chance to hang out with over summer

5. Getting your first homework assignment of the year

6. Deciding you "don't need this" at the end of the first bad day of the year.... then changing your mind.

7. Prepping for your first set of tests that came up way too soon in the year.

8. Realizing you aced your tests after stressing for a week about them.

9. Getting assigned your first group project of the year and being partnered with your best friends.

10. Realizing that in just a few months the semester will be over and you'll be in the home stretch of the school year.

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