The Life of a State Officer: Dylan's Perspective

Managing responsibilities may be challenging to many, myself included; however, after stepping up to the plate and owning the responsibilities that my position has given me, I can safely say that HOSA has made me a better leader, team member, and person. Personally, I am ever so grateful of the opportunities that have come my way ever since my induction as an officer in April, whether it be making workshop material for FLC or Winter Rally, pursuing an increase in Career and Technical Education funding in D.C., or the upcoming fantastic SLC that IN HOSA is putting on for over 1350 outstanding HOSA members! Of course, life as an officer is not all rainbows and sunshine, as there are true obsta

Healthy HOSA Tips

Being a part of HOSA requires not only brains but also accommodating to various types of diets. You are constantly on the go and whatever is in reach at the moment, will be what your taste buds are satisfied with. For example, at State Leadership Conference eating on a normal schedule will be complicated based on what events you’re in. I highly recommend always carrying some type of snack, like a granola bar or bag of chips. Eventually you will be able to eat a full meal, but the snacks that you are relying on should be high in protein or something that will give you energy. Staying energized is the key that will allow you to make it through each day. Also, a life-saving app during the week

Say Goodbye to Stem Premier and Hello to Tallo

Indiana HOSA State Leadership Conference is in 71 DAYS! In the process of preparing for SLC, some members are required to upload event materials and/or State Officer Candidate packets to Stem Premier. As of February 4, 2019, Stem Premier changed their name to Tallo. For members who have previous accounts with Stem Premier, there is good news! Your account is now with Tallo and your login is the same! A common question is, “How do I know if I need to upload materials to Tallo”? To find out go to, click competition, select guidelines, choose your event, look for “Uploading to Stem Premier” within the guidelines, and go from there! Good luck!

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