5 Team Bonding Activities Your Chapter WON'T Hate

Haven’t gotten to know your chapter yet? Here are just a few ways that you can bond with your chapter before heading to State Conference! 1. Escape Rooms Escape rooms are perfect for team bonding. Not only do you learn to work together, but you get to show your competitive nature while working as a team. 2. Volunteering Work together to make a positive mark on your community. You can clean up trash at a park or play cards at a nursing home. This is the perfect opportunity to show your team your caring and compassionate side. 3. Sporting Events Whether its baseball, hockey, football or soccer, cheering on your favorite sports team is great way to bond with your chapter. Singing songs,

Reflecting on Two Years as a State Officer

As a junior in high school, I began my HOSA journey at Hoosier Hills Career Center in my Health Science Education I class. After attending Fall Leadership Conference (and LOVING it), I decided that I wanted to be able to lead like the state officers did. When I got to State Leadership Conference, with a bucket full of “Buergalicious bubble gum” to hand out to fellow members and some “Vote for Lauren” posters, I was more nervous than I could have ever imagined. I can still remember how it felt to hear my name called as the 2017-2018 State Representative and how fast I ran to the stage to be recognized. My first year as an officer, I had the opportunity to travel to Orlando, Florida (which wa

2018-2019 Goals for IN HOSA

Just like most of you, Indiana HOSA has goals and wishes to accomplish them. We have goals for membership numbers, conference attendees, diversity, and so on and so forth. This here we have been lucky to hit many goal requirements, but we sure are not done yet! So let’s talk about where we stood last year, where we stand now, and where we hope to stand come time for SLC! Last year Indiana HOSA had a total of 2,784 members throughout the state, but this year we stand at 2,195 with many chapters yet to register. It may look as if we are running a little below our goal of a 2% increase of 2,836 members, but with many expected chapters getting ready to register we could hit an 8% increase of ove

Things to Keep in Mind While You Prepare for SLC

This year seems to have flown by—it’s already almost time to start preparing for State Leadership Conference! While you prepare, here are some things you should keep in mind: 1. Look through the event FlowChart Not everyone likes to compete in the same type of events and that’s okay! HOSA has events for all types of students—from students who prefer creatively driven events to students who like the fast paced environment of events like HOSA bowl. This flowchart may give you an idea of where to start on ideas. 2. Pick an event that won’t just be extra studying on top of schoolwork—make it something you’re interested in or passionate about! We all know how stressful and involved your curre

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