5 Tips on Staying Motivated

We all know it can be tough to stay motivated at times whether it be getting yourself to finish a project, study or even wake up in the morning. Motivation is key in producing outcomes and making strides towards success! Here are five tips that I use and hope you will too in order to keep myself moving along! Celebrate EVERY Accomplishment and Success It’s easy to let yourself dwell on failure or situations that don't go your way. In doing so, you stop or slow yourself from reaching your goals. Instead of focusing on these negative aspects of your process, celebrate all of the positives! No matter the magnitude of it, whether it be you finally cleaned up your desk or you won your event at IL

Can You Guess the Officer?

Can you match the officers to their career goals, favorite movies and favorite books? Let us know your guesses on our social media! The first chapter to get them all will get a shoutout on our accounts and a blog post about their chapter's activities this spring! Officers: -Dylan Selby -Micaela Teles -Anthony Williams -Riya Chinni -Kaitlyn Murray -Brayden York -Brianna Arreola Our Career Goals: - Practice Health Law -Becoming a cardiac surgeon -Surgeon -A career in Global Health to provide health programs to women in under resourced areas. -Neurosurgeon -I want to become a paramedic -Athletic trainer Our Favorite Movies: -Field of Dreams -The Perks of Being a Wallflower -The Fast and the Fur

10 Style Tips for Gentlemen

Ten Men Style Tips 1. Match your Belt, Shoes, and watch color. You may have heard the golden rule of matching your belt and shoe color, but the same rule applies to your watch band! 2. Know how to dress for the occasion. What events require you to wear a tie or not? 3. Do not wear a black undershirt or one with lettering when wearing a white button-up. White is preferred, but a light gray could also suffice. 4. It's always nice to own a pair of brown and black dress shoes to match any professional outfit. 5. Do not over or under style your hair for nice occasions. Keeping your hair nice and simple will be perfect! 6. Shave for a professional night out! Unless you have cleaned up, trimmed, an

First Day Jitters Tips

When the first day of school rolls around this August, you might be nervous or even overwhelmed at the thought of starting a new school year, especially if you are starting at a new school or entering high school as a freshman. Even if you are going back to the school you have already been attending, those first day jitters can still be just as nerve-wrecking. Here are ten first day tips to help you feel truly prepared to take on that daunting first day: Make sure you go to your school’s orientation day if it is offered! They may offer you maps of the building and usually give you your class schedule. Try to walk through your schedule before the first day if possible. This will help you get

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