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Competing at the International Level

Something I have always felt passionate about, is photography. I love looking at photography, taking pictures, and editing the outcome result. This past year, when I was looking at all the competitive events HOSA has to offer, I came across Health Career Photography event and I knew it was for me! I had such a great time preparing for the State Leadership Conference and was very eager to compete, hoping to make it to the International Leadership Conference (ILC).

After placing 1st in the secondary division, I was officially going to ILC! This meant that I was going to compete against other members from all around the world. I will admit I was very nervous, but when I got there all my nervous went away. It was so inspiring to get to meet members my age, from all around, with the same interest as me. Not only was I ecstatic to be able to show others my work, but I was also excited to see other members’ work as well. Overall, it was such an honoring experience to represent Indiana in an event at ILC. I made friends that I’m still in touch with today and for that I am very grateful.

Therefore, I challenge you to find what your interested in and see how it can be found in HOSA. You never know, maybe there’s an event calling your name, like there was for me.

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