What is Coronavirus

What is the Coronavirus? The Coronavirus is, as stated, a virus that is named from the Latin word “Corona” which means halo or crown. As seen in the picture below, under a microscope, the virus has crown-like projections that truly represent its name. This virus falls under the family of the SARS virus, but it appears to be a new disease. CDC has named this new disease COVID-19. Symptoms of Coronavirus -fever -cough -shortness of breath Transmission -Coughing and sneezing without covering mouth -Touching or shaking hands with person that has virus -Touching surfaces with the virus -On rare occasions, it can be spread through feces How to stay safe -Avoid close contact with people that are si

CTE Month Challenge Week 3

Follow the link below to fill out the form for your chance to win a free State Leadership Conference registration! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfD5T2TEFWY6Iz0c5gIJ0YigxdVZ6cURth4zQ96pNymMjWcjw/viewform

How to Give a Proper Handshake (with Mistakes to Avoid!)

A proper handshake can speak volumes about the person and leader that you are. At the same token, it can also portray you as someone who is less qualified if your handshake is subpar. Here are some tips on how to give a phenomenal handshake and some mistakes that should be avoided at all cost! Do This: A handshake should be made with both people using their right hands (Believe it or not, left-handed handshakes are more common than you might think!). A handshake should last only a few pumps and then should be released. Both people should have the same level of firmness with their grip! A good rule of thumb would be to give a solid 7/10 power handshake and adjust as needed. It is important to

Combating Senioritis

You’ve gotten into your dream college and are already sporting the t-shirts, or you’re ready to move in with your career after receiving the certifications you needed. You aced your finals last semester and ended 2019 strong. You’re totally ready to graduate and head off to the rest of your life, wherever that may be. Does that sound like you? Even if all of these sentences don’t apply to you, if you’re a member of the Class of 2020, you’re probably feeling pretty unmotivated right about now. We’re all settling into the part of senior year where you’ve kind of got a grasp on everything—or you feel like you do, at least. While that certainty can be quite comfortable, sometimes seniors tend to

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