Holiday Fundraising: Halloween

It’s important that, as a chapter, you fundraise throughout the year so that your chapter is able to attend the various hosa conference during the year and remain active in the health community. Halloween is right around the corner! Holidays are one of the best times fundraise. Here are some fundraisers that your chapter may consider doing. Pumpkin Carving Contest Costume Contest Halloween Party

How HOSA Helped me Decide my Future

For as long as I could remember, I knew I wanted to have a career in the healthcare field. At first I wanted to be a Pediatrician then an Ob/Gyn because I liked babies and the thought of being able to birth them and welcome them to the world fascinated me. Then, I noticed I also enjoyed counseling people but I did not want become a Psychiatrist. One day I came across the profession of a Reproductive Endocrinologist which allows me to counsel couples as well as work with fetus’. Ever since that day I have been set on becoming a Reproductive Endocrinologist but through being with HOSA my mindset has shifted to other possibilities this profession could lead me to. This past summer I had the opp


Fall Leadership Conference is almost here! Hello Indiana HOSA! As most of you know, our first conference of our new HOSA year, the 2018 Fall Leadership Conference, is next week! I am beyond excited to see what this conference holds! It’s crazy to think a year ago, I became a HOSA member and attended my first FLC. Now a year later, I am serving as your Indiana HOSA Historian and I will be hosting the 2018 FLC with my State Executive Council. I can’t wait to see all of our Indiana HOSA members! I look forward to witnessing our HOSA members gaining more leadership skills and more knowledge about HOSA: Future Health Professionals! I know this FLC is going to transform members and help define the

5 Characteristics of a Poor Leader and How to Steer Clear of Them

1. Lack of Communication Communication is a key component of being a leader. You need to get your point across to fellow team members, be clear and precise, as well as sharing important information with the group. If you lack these prime communication skills, people will often struggle to follow along with what you are trying to say. Your poor communication could be the cause of an information gap among your team. To be a good communicator, be sure to be educated on what you are trying to say. Be confident in your thoughts as you share them with your team. As far as passing along important information, I find making a checklist to be helpful. When you are done communicating that informati

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