SLC Experience

It is coming around that time of year when HOSA members began choosing events to compete in at State Leadership Conference. The time flies by so fast. Soon, you will be walking across the stage collecting your medal for 1st place in whichever event you competed. The first time I attended State Leadership Conference, I competed in Medical Terminology, CPR/First Aid, and Job Seeking Skills. I chose events I felt were interesting, passionate about, and could do well in. Surprisingly, there was a three-way 1st place tie for Job Seeking Skills and I was one of the competitors. When choosing an event, I encourage you to do something that will challenge your skills and you can learn from. From c

Choosing Competitive Events That Are Perfect for You

HOSA: Future Health Professionals has many diverse competitive events for members to choose from, in fact, over 50 events. When you are researching what events to compete in, you want to keep in mind your strengths, interests, and maybe even weaknesses you want to improve. There are leadership events, teamwork events, health science events, health professions events, and emergency preparedness events. Within these categories there are events that focused around hobbies including: photography, writing, speaking, and reading. There are also events that are centered around careers. If you aspire to become a Veterinarian, an event that you want to look into may be veterinary science. If y

5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Second Semester

Set Goals: Setting specific goals is a great way to keep yourself moving from day to day. Personally, I keep a “to-do” list with me on my phone. I start every day by adding the things that need to be accomplished by the time I go to bed that night. It’s an amazing feeling when you check that final box off. Get up and do something: I know that other students at my school have repeatedly discussed how every day is the same during the school year. Get up, go to school, do homework, and sleep. They feel like it’s a never ending cycle. I have found that by doing at least one productive thing that you didn’t do yesterday helps. Before doing your homework, try picking up your bedroom. Go for a jog,

10 Tips to be at Your Best While Studying

1. Set Aside Plenty of Time to Study Don’t procrastinate because last-minute cramming is not an efficient way to study. Recognize the classes and material that will take longer to study, and rank the most important topics. 2. Make Study Guides out of Homework Assignments Using the textbook is a great resource to get study material; however, don’t overlook your past assignments and quizzes. Highlight recurring and important information to add to your study guide. 3. Set Goals and Stay Motivated To make sure you’re being productive, set goals that must be achieved before moving on to new topics. Using chapter headings and subheadings are great progress checks! 4. Organize a Time to Study with

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