What is Seasonal Depression?

Have you ever felt like fall or winter just brings down your mood? Has it caused you to become moody? Do not feel like you are the only one. Seasonal Depression, or Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is very common. There are over 3 million individuals in the world that have been diagnosed, but there may be even more people that have it and just do not know it. If you feel like you have it, do not brush it off, instead read through what you can do about it! CAUSES The cause is currently unknown, but there has been research done that supports the fact that less light can have an affect. There is also another theory saying that, “brain chemicals (neurotransmitters such as serotonin) that trans

5 Tips to Start the New Year off Right

1. Make a list of goals you want to accomplish this year. Making a list of goals will give you motivation to do better in the New Year! The trick is, you ACTUALLY need to accomplish them. If you don’t work toward your goals, you might end up feeling like you failed. 2. Surround yourself with people that will make you BETTER. Surrounding yourself with people that will make you better will give you accountability to better yourself. If you are around people that are negative or bring you down, you aren't going to succeed. 3. Identify things that will better yourself. Find things about yourself that you want to improve. Work on having a better attitude, work on getting better grades, and wor

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