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How HOSA has changed me

Leadership. Some say you are born with it, others say you must develop it. Prior to HOSA, I avoided getting my name called in class to read a simple answer to a math problem. If a group project was assigned, I would sit in the background as the other group members did the work. After I joined my local chapter, a fire was ignited inside of me.

With each HOSA meeting, I found myself being more engaged and willing to join in the conversation. Instead of being the student shying away in the back of the room, I was the student pitching new ideas to the group. I encouraged other students to get more involved with me. Together, we worked to better our chapter and to get even more students involved.

HOSA has gifted me the opportunity to work with teams of all sorts. This organization teaches me how to work as a team, no matter the members of the team. HOSA has allowed me to network. So far, I’ve met so many people that have left an impact on my way of thinking. From meeting new people and watching their leadership skills, I have been able to further develop my own. The relationships I have made, and will continue to make, will last a lifetime. But most importantly, HOSA teaches me how to be a leader. That shy, uninvolved student, is now developing into a strong, absorbed student.

I have HOSA to thank for that.

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