Staying Motivated Throughout the Year

1. Find inspirational quotes or pictures that will inspire you to keep going and to try your best! Using quotes or images to inspire you can help you in school, at work, or even when applying for college. They might be inspirational and make you work harder to get where you want to be 2. Set goals for yourself Setting goals for yourself will give you motivation to finish whatever you started and to keep doing your best 3. Switch up your routine Sticking with the same routine everyday can get boring and repetitive, so changing your routine can give you a fresh new start 4. Surround yourself with people who motivate and elevate you Surrounding yourself with positive people who motivate you

How to Study for Finals

1.Prepare at least a month ahead! The earlier you prepare, the more time you have to ask questions to your teachers. Along with that, you will be less stressed as the date comes closer because you know you have been preparing! 2.Start with what you are unsure of. Many of us study what we already know because it is easy to us, but it is the hardest things we struggle with that we should study first. Getting the hard part over with will make your whole study process significantly easier. 3. Get into a study group. Not only does explaining to others help you understand the material better, but your study group can also explain things to you! Along with that, having more people around you that w

Jobs in Healthcare For YOU!

If you want to work with animals: Animal Therapist, Veterinarian If you love the rush of adrenaline: Trauma Surgeon or ER Doctor If you love kids/babies: Pediatric Physician, Neonatal, Obstetrician If you love labs: Phlebotomist, Pathologist, Medical Lab Technician, Medical Technologist If you want to work in law and healthcare: Forensic Pathologist, Forensic Psychologist, Medical Legal Adviser, Medical Malpractice Attorney If you love fitness: Exercise Physiologist, Dietitian, Athletic Trainer, Sports Medicine Physician If you love math: Physician, Nurse, Pharmacist If you want to work with the unliving: Forensic Pathologist If you want to work with teeth: Orthodontist, Hygienist, Dental As

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