Interviewing 2018-2019 State President Johnna Mitchell

Q: What is your favorite HOSA memory? A: “My favorite HOSA memory was finding out I was slated for President-Elect. I was so nervous listening to all the other names be called during slating, and I ran to my Advisor immediately after my name was announced and we both cried and laughed together--it was awesome!” Q: How is life as a HOSA alumni? A: “Life as an alumni is so crazy! I can’t believe I’m in my third “phase” of being in HOSA (going through as a member, a state officer, and now as alumni!). It’s so wonderful to be able to help the new officers grow and continue to see the members give their all to this organization!” Q: What is your biggest piece of advice for all HOSA members? A: “T

The Importance of Shadowing

This year, I am taking Biomedical Innovations, or the fourth year of the PLTW Biomedical Sciences program. One of the things that this course emphasizes is real-world experiences in the field of healthcare and biomedical sciences, so naturally shadowing is one of these components. Over the past few weeks, I have been shadowing at St. Vincent Carmel Hospital in the respiratory therapy department and the postoperative care department. For a few days a week right after school, I put on my white lab coat and head on down to the hospital, where I shadow (or follow around very quietly) health professionals as they go about their regular day working in the hospital. For someone who is interested in

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