Breaking the Myths of Health Professions Summer Camp

The Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) schools of Dentistry Nursing, Medicine, Health and Human Sciences, and Optometry offer a very educational summer program that informs students about all health science career pathways. I attended the camp in summer of 2019 and can honestly say it was a life changing experience. We did educational hands-on activities, like going to the university’s cadaver lab to learn about the human body and filling in cavities to learn about dental restoration. The human body is the extraordinary machine that we learned about in middle school biology. As we transitioned into high school we continued to learn more and more through books, diagram

Leadership Styles

How do you define a leader? Maybe you think a leader is someone who has the natural traits needed to be a leader, and that combination of special traits enables them to lead and help others accomplish tasks. Or maybe you think a leader develops these ideas over time, learning and growing with a transformational process, gaining skills to make effective leadership possible. Either way, leaders typically fall under a “type” of leadership. So, what type of leader am I? When you ask yourself that question, what comes to mind? A fair leader? A respectful leader? These are good traits to have, however they don’t connote a style of leadership. There are three main styles of leadership that can be s

Getting To Know Your Officers

Getting to Know Your State Officers! We asked our newly elected group of state officers some questions just to get to know them better! In order, we have: Julia Stover, President. Naman Satsangi, Vice-President. Alexandra Medina, Secretary. Ayoola Laleye, Treasurer. Ally Smith, Historian. Chase Hale, Secondary Representative. How old are you? Julia: I’m 17, a senior in high school! Naman: I am 17 years old. Alexandra: I am 17 years old. Ayoola: I am 16 years old! Ally: I’m 17! Chase: I am 17 years old. What high school/career center do you attend? Julia: I attend North Central High School and J. Everett Light Career Center. Naman: I attend Columbus East High School as well as C4 Columbus Are

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