My First ILC Experience

This year’s International Leadership Conference was a breath taking experience. Being a person who doesn’t travel beyond the east side of the country, witnessing the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas was truly an amazing experience. Not only were the sights of the city so stunning, but the conference itself was spectacular. The symposiums, the 301 training, networking opportunities and the general sessions helped me to make memories I will never forget. I learned more about my leadership skills and my soft skills at ILC than I thought was possible. By attending few of the many symposiums offered, I got the chance to speak with many new people. The number of people I met was incredible. I met s

An Unforgettable Experience

This year’s International Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas was an unforgettable experience! It was amazing meeting members from all across the country and even as far as China. Networking and meeting new people are always one of the best things about HOSA conferences. As a voting delegate, I had the privilege of electing the new national officer team and voting on matters that shape the organization. It was great spending time with my officer team and watching our Indiana HOSA members getting recognized on stage!

ILC: Go Big or Go Home

International Leadership Conference was one of the best experiences of my life! I loved the opportunity of being able to meet new people from all over the world and building wonderful friendships with them. I met new friends that lived as close to Kentucky and as far as Puerto Rico. Officer 301 allowed for state officers to connect with one another and compare and contrast how each state HOSA is different in many ways including: the number of membership in their state, how they conduct their State Leadership Conference, and how they serve throughout their community. One of the most memorable moments was pin trading and seeing how creative each state was in creating their pin design. The educ

Highlights of ILC in Dallas

The 2018 International Leadership Conference (ILC) was my first of hopefully many ILC experiences! My experience at ILC is one that I will cherish forever! My four favorite aspects of ILC are competing at the international level in Health Career Photography, pin trading with people from around the world, interacting with members from Indiana HOSA, and growing closer with my state executive team! Competing on the international level was very rewarding! I loved meeting other competitors and connecting with peers with the same interest as me! It was a great and exciting stepping stone for my photography journey! Pin trading was such an amazing way to network with HOSA members from around t

Hard Work Pays Off

I believe it's fair to say that the 2018 ILC was an absolutely fantastic experience for both myself and the rest of my officer team! Though the Dallas heat was tough, it does not compete with any of the amazing things we did there. I met many members from across the U.S. and other countries, learned valuable lessons that will last a lifetime, and truly bonded with my executive council. Our week in Dallas consisted of long days spent refining our leadership skills, networking, competing, and debriefing about the days lessons and challenges. My personal favorite experience was during HOSA Day when my team went to Medieval Times to celebrate a full week of hard work!

ILC Round Two

Going into this year’s International Leadership Conference, I was even more excited because I knew I would get to see everyone that I had met the year before. As a state officer, this really is our first big interaction with other state officer teams and some of our members! Getting to reconnect with people I had met before, along with meeting new people from other states and our own, is always a fun experience; you get to learn about how other states run their conferences and get to hear from your own state members about what they like most about yours. Although I didn’t compete, I was given the opportunity to be a voting delegate. Much like voting delegates at the state level, I attended d

How Dallas Dazzled Me

The 2018 HOSA International Leadership conference was such an amazing and eye-opening experience! I got to meet and re-connect with people across the world while representing Indiana HOSA. Being in a walking boot did not make walking around the enormous city of Dallas easy, but getting to explore a place I had never been was worth limping around for. One of my favorite locations in Dallas was where the John F Kennedy assassination took place because I enjoyed learning more about the event, and seeing the numerous people that came to do the same. Overall, Dallas was beautiful and I simply loved getting to see the city. Another first experience for me at ILC was competing in HOSA Bowl at the I

How to Balance HOSA with the Chaos of College

I was lucky in high school. I could study right before the test and do fine, finish my homework before I even got out of school, and I breezed my way through. But for any HOSA member who’s now going on to college, let me be the first to tell you that that surely isn’t the case anymore. At my high school, we had the same seven classes every day, so when I thought of transitioning to college, where you only have certain classes on certain days, I figured life was going to be SO much easier. Of course, it wasn’t. When you’re in college, there’s no one there to force you to do your homework or study for your exams or make you go to class-- it’s all on YOU. You are finally becoming the adult you’

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