How Dallas Dazzled Me

The 2018 HOSA International Leadership conference was such an amazing and eye-opening experience! I got to meet and re-connect with people across the world while representing Indiana HOSA.

2018-2019 State Treasurer, Vice President, Historian and Immediate Past President with a delegate from Puerto Rico HOSA

Being in a walking boot did not make walking around the enormous city of Dallas easy, but getting to explore a place I had never been was worth limping around for. One of my favorite locations in Dallas was where the John F Kennedy assassination took place because I enjoyed learning more about the event, and seeing the numerous people that came to do the same. Overall, Dallas was beautiful and I simply loved getting to see the city.

2018-2019 State Secondary Representative, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer at the JFK assassination site

Another first experience for me at ILC was competing in HOSA Bowl at the International level. Although my team from Hoosier Hills Career Center did not place, we were honored to have competed against so many knowledgeable students!

Hoosier Hills HOSA Bowl Team