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ILC Round Two

2018-2019 State President and Vice President with delgates from Kentucky HOSA

Going into this year’s International Leadership Conference, I was even more excited because I knew I would get to see everyone that I had met the year before. As a state officer, this really is our first big interaction with other state officer teams and some of our members! Getting to reconnect with people I had met before, along with meeting new people from other states and our own, is always a fun experience; you get to learn about how other states run their conferences and get to hear from your own state members about what they like most about yours. Although I didn’t compete, I was given the opportunity to be a voting delegate. Much like voting delegates at the state level, I attended delegate orientation, listened to speeches, and got to talk to officer candidates about their platforms. I enjoyed getting to talk to all of the officer candidates and catching up with the outgoing national officers.

My most favorite part of all was getting to explore Dallas with my fellow Indiana State Officers. Not only is ILC our first interaction with other state officers, but also only the second time we really get together after we have been elected! Of course we do our fair share of bonding at officer training, but during internationals we really get to spend time with each other and grow as leaders! Throughout the conference, we made so many memories together that I will never forget.

77 % ​SMXLL

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