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My First ILC Experience

This year’s International Leadership Conference was a breath taking experience. Being a person who doesn’t travel beyond the east side of the country, witnessing the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas was truly an amazing experience. Not only were the sights of the city so stunning, but the conference itself was spectacular. The symposiums, the 301 training, networking opportunities and the general sessions helped me to make memories I will never forget. I learned more about my leadership skills and my soft skills at ILC than I thought was possible. By attending few of the many symposiums offered, I got the chance to speak with many new people. The number of people I met was incredible. I met students not just from the United States, but from Puerto Rico, Canada, and even China. The general sessions, some would compare to a rock concert, blew me away. From the large stage to the flashing lights and loud music, it was one amazing sight to see. ILC is an event that I cannot stop talking about and probably won’t stop for quite some time.

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