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5 Team Bonding Activities Your Chapter WON'T Hate

Haven’t gotten to know your chapter yet? Here are just a few ways that you can bond with your chapter before heading to State Conference!

1. Escape Rooms Escape rooms are perfect for team bonding. Not only do you learn to work together, but you get to show your competitive nature while working as a team.

2. Volunteering Work together to make a positive mark on your community. You can clean up trash at a park or play cards at a nursing home. This is the perfect opportunity to show your team your caring and compassionate side.

3. Sporting Events Whether its baseball, hockey, football or soccer, cheering on your favorite sports team is great way to bond with your chapter. Singing songs, screaming at your favorite players and eating Dip N’ Dots is a great way to spend an evening with your friends.

4. Ropes Course Love the outdoors? Help your classmates face their fear of heights and cheer each other on in a ropes course!