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2018-2019 Goals for IN HOSA

Just like most of you, Indiana HOSA has goals and wishes to accomplish them. We have goals for membership numbers, conference attendees, diversity, and so on and so forth. This here we have been lucky to hit many goal requirements, but we sure are not done yet! So let’s talk about where we stood last year, where we stand now, and where we hope to stand come time for SLC! Last year Indiana HOSA had a total of 2,784 members throughout the state, but this year we stand at 2,195 with many chapters yet to register. It may look as if we are running a little below our goal of a 2% increase of 2,836 members, but with many expected chapters getting ready to register we could hit an 8% increase of over 3,000 members! If IN HOSA could reach over 3,000 members then we could hit our biggest milestone in IN HOSA history!

Not only do we need your help to make membership history, but we also need your assistance with making this year’s State Leadership Conference the biggest yet! Last year we were honored to spend our 40th anniversary with 1,237 wonderful, enthusiastic members, but we know, and you know, that IN HOSA can do so much better! This year we hope to have a 3% increase of 1,274 members! Or if HOSA members across the state wish to continue pushing limits and breaking expectations then we can and would love to have a whopping 10% increase of 1,360 members! We cannot do it without you, so please help us give more Indiana HOSA members than ever before a fantastic, full-house SLC!

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