Things to Keep in Mind While You Prepare for SLC

This year seems to have flown by—it’s already almost time to start preparing for State Leadership Conference! While you prepare, here are some things you should keep in mind:

1. Look through the event FlowChart

Not everyone likes to compete in the same type of events and that’s okay! HOSA has events for all types of students—from students who prefer creatively driven events to students who like the fast paced environment of events like HOSA bowl. This flowchart may give you an idea of where to start on ideas.

2. Pick an event that won’t just be extra studying on top of schoolwork—make it something you’re interested in or passionate about!

We all know how stressful and involved your current schoolwork can be at certain times, so why pick an event that’s just going to add more stress to your load? Pick an event that is something you’re passionate about—like Medical Photography if you enjoy taking pictures or Veterinary Science if your dream is to become a Vet!


I cannot emphasize this enough—your guidelines are SUPER important. They give you the bo