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5 Tips on Staying Motivated

We all know it can be tough to stay motivated at times whether it be getting yourself to finish a project, study or even wake up in the morning. Motivation is key in producing outcomes and making strides towards success! Here are five tips that I use and hope you will too in order to keep myself moving along!

  1. Celebrate EVERY Accomplishment and Success

It’s easy to let yourself dwell on failure or situations that don't go your way. In doing so, you stop or slow yourself from reaching your goals. Instead of focusing on these negative aspects of your process, celebrate all of the positives! No matter the magnitude of it, whether it be you finally cleaned up your desk or you won your event at ILC, you must encourage and congratulate yourself to create an environment of positivity!

2. Set Unique Goals

Without goals in mind, one can easily get lost in their process of work. IN setting goals for yourself, you are able to focus on a singular task at hand and go through your process step by step. Becoming goal oriented assists in creating an easier way of getting the job done which can make it much more enjoyable!

3. Practice Positive Self Talk

While the perfectionist inside you may want to beat you down about your work, it is important to shift your focus towards building yourself up rather than tearing yourself down. By using positive self talk in the form of journaling, affirmations, and more, you foster a positive and happy environment that makes you feel more successful and makes the job even more rewarding!

4. Don’t Tackle it All Alone

Even though at times it can feel like the work is just piling up on you and there is no help to be found, there are people all around you that can help you in accomplishing your tasks. In gaining the involvement of others, you can delegate tasks to others while they are able to keep you on track, help you out, and motivate you too! It truly takes a village to accomplish your goals!

5. Get a Planner

While it may seem like a simple thing, planning and organizing play an important role in keeping yourself motivated. Creating a visual of deadlines, goals, and more allow you to see how different tasks interfere with each other and help you plan out daily goals in order to get the job done in a timely manner. This planner is also a constant reminder of your tasks and goals which can help in motivating you to get them done! Also, it can be rewarding to be able to cross an item off of a list in your planner to show that you did it.

I hope these tips can help you out in accomplishing your goals and keeping motivated throughout the process!

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