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Anthony's Experience as a State Officer

The reason I even thought about running for state officer is because of my class instructor and State Advisor. They kind of just told me out of the blue, which really shocked me if I’m being totally honest. The reason being is because I could never see myself doing something so big and nerve racking. Then I realized that if they believed in me then I really should believe in myself and take this opportunity and use it to better myself. The first process we went through was Hosa history , which you had to learn and take a quiz over.

The second part was actually meeting of the current officers and being interviewed. The part that scared me most was the interview because you going to a room with people you don’t know and there deciding what you will be slated as. After a while I calmed down and thought I’m just going to give it a 100 percent and hope for the best and that’s exactly what I did and it worked! I was then slated for Treasurer and had to run against someone else which added more doubt and fear into my head. The thing that made me regain some confidence though was my campaigning. I felt like I had excellent campaign tools which also helped me meet new people and get myself more out there for people to know. This was the icing on the cake for me I believe and all doubt and fear was erased from my mind, until I found out that I had to give a speech along with the other officer candidates in front of a thousand or more people!

This really made my heart drop into my stomach because when I get nervous I tend to stutter or mumble when I speak and that would be really embarrassing in front of that big a crowd. Now knowing this information for the rest of the day I practice my speech as much as could until it was finally time to give the speech. When I got on that stage and started speaking that very exact thing happen. I started mumbling which I didn’t even know I was doing until other people told me after and that just made me really embarrassed . My goal was just to get through it fast and clear which one of those two did not happen sadly. After all of that it was time to actually hear who made it and would be the new officer team and that just made me so nervous that I was sweating through my suit!

As they were calling the name it felt like I was holding my breath until they finally called mine and I was so relieved and happen that I had won and it made me realize all of that stress and potential embarrassment was with it. My advice to anybody who wants to run is to do it and experience it . All of the hard work it takes will all be worth it and the end and you will hopefully gain a new family as well.

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