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Making the Most of Your Summer

1. Get out of bed! Getting up early gives you more time to get more done throughout the day. It also creates a habit that will benefit you when school starts again.

2. Get a new job or work more. Working over the summer minimizes the amount of time spent working during school as well as the stress of balancing homework and work.

3. Get started on online summer classes. Procrastinating will add stress and will make you miss out on the last few weeks of summer.

4. Work out. Whether it is going for a run, lifting weights, or doing yoga, working out will not only make you fit, but it will also make you feel more productive and happy!

5. Strengthen your relationships with others, whether it is friends, family, or your boyfriend or girlfriend. Building relationships will get you lifelong friends.

6. Volunteer at a local animal shelter, hospital, food pantry, etc. Giving back not only impacts the world, but it will also make you feel overall happier and helpful.

7.Overcome one fear! This one may be difficult, but it can be done. Overcoming a fear, even if it is small, makes you grow as a person.

8.Try something you have never done before, whether it is food or an activity. You may discover something you never knew about yourself before.

9.Treat yourself for a day. Not only girls can have a spa day, but boys too. You can do this alone or with others, but treating yourself for a day isn’t a bad thing!

10. Deep clean your room and organize. This is essential for when school starts because it will not only make you feel proud, but you will find things you thought you lost months ago. Organization is key for success!

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