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The Life of a State Officer: Dylan's Perspective

Managing responsibilities may be challenging to many, myself included; however, after stepping up to the plate and owning the responsibilities that my position has given me, I can safely say that HOSA has made me a better leader, team member, and person. Personally, I am ever so grateful of the opportunities that have come my way ever since my induction as an officer in April, whether it be making workshop material for FLC or Winter Rally, pursuing an increase in Career and Technical Education funding in D.C., or the upcoming fantastic SLC that IN HOSA is putting on for over 1350 outstanding HOSA members! Of course, life as an officer is not all rainbows and sunshine, as there are true obstacles and hours of effort necessary to accomplish the tasks at hand. However, those early mornings, late nights, and long days as an officer are the aspects that I, and my team, love the most.

Leadership opportunities and character building positions like being a state officer for this wonderful organization are rare and limited, but to those that are willing to accept the good, difficult, and different parts of the position, it is truly a rewarding experience. As I approach the final days with my team, I ponder to myself wondering how I was able to be so lucky and fortunate to welcome such wholesome, kind individuals to my life. The 7 new people I have grown to know, along with our state advisor, officer coach, and supportive alumni following, have helped refine my skills as a leader and are responsible for the rapid growth in my confidence and competence. And with that, I say thank you to all of those who have helped me and I look forward to seeing over 1350 smiling, enthusiastic people ready for our big show come April 16th!

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