5 Ways to Stay Motivated During Second Semester

Set Goals:

Setting specific goals is a great way to keep yourself moving from day to day. Personally, I keep a “to-do” list with me on my phone. I start every day by adding the things that need to be accomplished by the time I go to bed that night. It’s an amazing feeling when you check that final box off.

Get up and do something:

I know that other students at my school have repeatedly discussed how every day is the same during the school year. Get up, go to school, do homework, and sleep. They feel like it’s a never ending cycle. I have found that by doing at least one productive thing that you didn’t do yesterday helps. Before doing your homework, try picking up your bedroom. Go for a jog, paint your nails, play a game with a sibling. Even the smallest task can spice up your day in a big way.