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Choosing Competitive Events That Are Perfect for You

HOSA: Future Health Professionals has many diverse competitive events for members to choose from, in fact, over 50 events. When you are researching what events to compete in, you want to keep in mind your strengths, interests, and maybe even weaknesses you want to improve.

There are leadership events, teamwork events, health science events, health professions events, and emergency preparedness events. Within these categories there are events that focused around hobbies including: photography, writing, speaking, and reading. There are also events that are centered around careers. If you aspire to become a Veterinarian, an event that you want to look into may be veterinary science. If you’re pursuing a career directed towards Patient Safety Advocacy, an event that may suit you is Medical Law and Ethics. These are just a few examples of the various competitive event options HOSA members have.

A way to find all of HOSA’s competitive events, is by going to, click on the tab “competition”, and select “guidelines”. This will allow you to view events, descriptions, and what to expect throughout the process. I hope this will help you with determining the competitive events you want to participate in for this year’s State Leadership Conference! I wish all members good luck as you all prepare and compete in your competitive events. I look forward to seeing you all at SLC!

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