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What Are Some Healthy Stress Reducing Techniques?

As most of us are now attending some form of school, we are now reminded of some of the old obstacles that stands in our way when we attend school or any activity that might cause stress. By having a daily schedule packed from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, our brain faces a lot of pressure as it has to process a lot of things and remember it to help us when we need that information. The buildup of all that information and other activities going on in our life can cause stress and it is very important for our mental health that we take some time out of our busy schedule and let our brain relax and recharge. This will help us focus better later and help reduce our stress and also help us feel great!

In this blog, we will be looking at some of my favorite ways to reduce stress.

My most favorite method to reduce is to EXERCISE. We all know that exercising can help us in staying physically fit but it does more than that. When we exercise and burn calories we are increasing the blood flow throughout our body. This helps us get our whole body recharged and provides us with much needed energy. Something I like to do while exercising is to listen to music. This helps provide energy in the beginning and adds a fun factor to the physical exercise.

The second method to relieve stress is by LISTENING TO MUSIC. After a long tiring day of learning and other activities, music serves as a fun alternative to relax and reduce stress. Choose a playlist that you like a lot or leave it up to luck and shuffle it up. I personally prefer to walk or move around while listening to music but it can be done while laying down.

The third method to relieve stress is by engaging in YOGA/MEDITATION. This one is almost a no-brainer. Yoga and meditation have been around for a really long time and are proven ways to help us relax and reduce stress. There are several videos on YouTube and several articles on Google that outline healthy Yoga asana that we can do. Perhaps the more compelling/easier to carry out of the two is to engage in meditation. Once again, there are several self-guided meditation video on YouTube that guide us through the steps to help us relax ourselves and they are available for all time lengths so pick the one that you feel the most comfortable for.

The fourth method to relive stress is by HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY. This is what most of us did throughout quarantine as we had to stay inside with our family members. Hanging out with family and friends allows us to be ourselves around people we love and are comfortable with. After a long day of school, it can helpful to talk to a friend and get a short conversation in or even go outside and play.

The fifth method to relive stress is FOCUS ON BREATHING. Just focusing on our breath or changing the way we breathe can help our body relax and help us in reducing our overall stress level.

The sixth method to relieve stress is by TAKING A NAP. This is another favorite amongst a lot of people as it helps us completely relax and even give our eyes a short break. The key to this is to take a nap and not sleeping. Naps are proven to encourage productivity whereas when we sleep for a long time during the day we lose a little bit of our productivity. If needed, take a shower after the nap to help our body wake up. This will energize the body even more and help us focus and get our work done!

The seventh method to relive stress is by CREATING ARTWORK. This method helps us bring out the most creative version of ourselves. According to several studies, anxiety levels decline in people who were coloring complex geometric patterns, making it a perfect outlet for stress reduction.

The eighth method to relive stress is by WALKING. Walking can help reduce stress and give us a break from everything going on around us. It allows us to get some fresh air and get a mental break. It gets blood flowing throughout our body and helps us work and think efficiently later.

These are eight of several methods that exist out there to help us relax ourselves of stress. Most of the activates are designed to help us spend some time away from our phone/laptop screens as the rays that is delivered by them can cause headaches which may lead to mood swings and headaches. It is important to know that a lot of people suffer from stress and that it is completely normal and acceptable. There are several ways to work through stress and if more help is needed consider reaching out to friends, family or some other trusted adult or teacher.


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