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Ways to Stay Focused While Studying From Home

As many can attest to, the past school year has been anything but normal. Most of our classes

have been virtual and have been conducted through an online platform. Even here at Indiana

HOSA, we had to convert our regular in-person conferences to virtual due to the impact of

COVID-19. Even though a virtual learning method reduces the spread of the virus, it takes away

the fun and engaging learning experience that we gain from going to school. Keeping these

struggles in mind let’s take a look at some easy methods that you can use to stay focused while

studying from home.

First, it is important to know yourself. Many of us are on a complete online schedule,

which means we get to do work at our own time as long as we get it turned in before the end of

the day. If this is the case for you, figure out the time when you feel the most motivated. If you

are an early riser, wake up early and finish your work and then enjoy the rest of the day; or, work

later during the day. Personally, I find it hard to wake up in the morning but once I am up, I feel

energetic and get my work done.

Next, make a list of the assignments you have for the day. I find this really helpful and it

is something that has helped me a lot. Making a list of assignments/tasks you want to finish for

the day helps visualize all the work you have. I enjoy marking things off as I am done, and love

the adrenaline I get from finishing my work and turning it in. A list also serves as a daily

reminder of what has to get done.

Third, create a workplace. One of the biggest challenges that online school brings about

is having a learning environment. Usually, we are used to going home and relaxing and not doing

much work except homework, but with the circumstances over the past year we now do most of

our activities from home. Having a workplace will help you focus more and get work done.

Make sure that your workplace is not in your bedroom so you don’t have to look at your bed and

have motivation to do work.

Fourth, limit social media usage. Staying home as truly increased the number of hours I

spend on social media. An app like TikTok was irrelevant before quarantine and COVID-19 hit

and now it is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Social Media can serve as a

major distraction while you are trying to work. When working, either silence your phone or put it

on do not disturb. This will allow you to work without getting distracted by the texts and snaps

that are coming your way.

Fifth, reward yourself with breaks while working. It is important to step away from our

technological devices as looking at them for long periods is not good for us. I personally like to

set deadlines for myself. For instance, I give myself an hour to finish an assignment and once I

am done, I take a 30-minute break to relax and rejuvenate and then get back to my assignments.

These breaks can include talking to friends, getting coffee, or anything else that may seem

suitable to you.

Sixth, stay active. One of the biggest challenges that arises from working from home is

the lack of physical activity. Try to engage in daily workouts and maintain or improve your

physical fitness. You do not necessarily need any equipment to workout. You could go outside

on a run while listening to your favorite music, or do a mix of squats and push-ups and other

workouts inside your house.

Lastly, please eat. Another issue that arises from staying at home is that we forget to eat.

Nutrition is as important as getting your assignment turned in. It is important to eat so that our

young bodies can develop. Along with eating, it is also important to hydrate. Hydrating helps

clean our bodies of impurities.

Hopefully we are at the end of this deadly virus and can have a normal school year soon! Until

then, follow these steps and stay safe!


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