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Tips to Dress For Success

Everyone has their own style of fashion, but how can you upgrade your closest to portray the message you want to send? A first impression is vital, and the truth is that your appearance can play a considerable role in the outcome of the interaction. People have their own opinions about what looks professional, what looks good, and what doesn’t. There is no need to throw out your closet when you get a new job or any time you feel the need for change. It is more important to focus on how you are styling the outfit. So here are a few tips and tricks to make your closet more professional while still sticking to your look.

The number one tip for dressing for success is to think about where you are going and what you will be doing. There will be times that a suit is appropriate and others you’ll need to be able to get dirty, but that is no excuse not to look your best. Make sure when you are attending events that you are aware of all activities so you can make a wise, conscious decision about what to wear. Make sure that you are always following the dress code, and when you are unsure of the definition, ask others attending what they plan to wear or research examples. Although even if there is a specified dress code, it can be hard to pick what feels most appropriate. For example, casuals are a very common category with a vast range of potential outfit ideas. Especially when it comes to casual, it is crucial to think about comfortability. Typically the dress code will be deemed casual in a business setting if there will be a lot of moving around, so avoid heels and other uncomfortable shoes at home and consider a loafer, flats, or a clean pair of sneakers. Always avoid clothes that may be considered athleisure unless it is for any reason requested. When wearing athleisure wear like basketball shorts, leggings, and tank tops, you run the risk of looking like you are in PJs. If no dress code is listed for an event or you are styling for your everyday life, simply consider the events of the day and choose an outfit that fits every situation.

The next tip is to wear well-fitted clothing. Avoid clothes with a skin-tight effect as well as the opposite end of the spectrum, wearing massively oversized clothing as if it belongs to your parents. While dressing in tight or loose clothing may help with body confidence, wearing clothes that fit well adds a cleaner, more put-together outfit. Many don’t understand why baggy clothes are frowned upon in the professional realm, but when clothes are oversized, the look appears less intentional and like you are borrowing others' clothes with no thought into how you appear. Having clothes that are well fit shows effort in your appearance as well as modesty and cleanliness.

Another trick to appear more professional is avoiding overly distracting prints and colors. When picking the perfect outfit, consider how the colors and patterns interact. There is no need to avoid bright colors and patterns completely. If you enjoy colorful outfits, consider wearing statement pieces with an otherwise quite simple outfit. For instance, a blue necklace with a white dress, or patterned skirts with a plain blouse and shoes. Another way to keep color in your outfit without it becoming too bold is layering. Adding a black blazer or vest over a colored blouse or button-up can help tone down the outfit and create a more professional look. Layers can also help avoid wearing look bulking clothes and needing to change outfits throughout the day. Another way to add color and still look nice is trying a monochrome meaning wearing all the same color potentially in different shades. This shows a lot of intent and can look very clean and sleek when done well. An alternative to a colorful outfit is taking advantage of neutrals. Adding more neutrals to outfits makes you appear more graceful and lively. Neutrals also go well with other neutrals so making matching outfits can get even easier. Color can be a great way to get creative but just remember to be deliberate.

Finally, the last tip is investing in specific items that can quickly add more class to your outfit. Number one is a pair of dress shoes. It may seem like a waste at first, but they can last. Adding these items to your closet allows for a lot of flexibility for outfits when it comes to appearing professional. It only takes one item to change the entire feel of the look.

We all want to be successful and do our best to impress. An easy way to start off on the right foot is to look your best. Once you start styling with the intent of success, your ability to decide what is appropriate will tremendously increase. It’s so easy to do so why not start now?


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