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Tips on Conquering Depression

As teenagers we all hide something, it can be a secret that can end a friendship or relationship, it can be a failing grade, or someone putting us down. In our teens we try to be strong until the sunsets and we find ourselves crying in our rooms after dark. Society’s labels today have pushed us to be perfect and we try to do everything to fulfill that expectation but then realize that we are not happy. We instead go through cycles of pain and stress, which turns everyday into a battle, fighting to stay present. The pressure we receive from our friends, parents, and school to be perfect drops us to a rock bottom state in life. And before we know it, the depression that was knocking our door, is now permanent resident.

Telling your loved ones that you do not enjoy life like you used to, is not easy. But here is what you should do instead, not that I am a professional psychologist, but I have been through it. And I want to simply help bring joy back to you.

Tip 1: if you can get the help you deserve, do it. Tell a professional what is going on. When dealing with depression we often do not know what is truly happening with us. We do not know the core reason why we feel upset and down. So, telling a person that has a degree in psychology, will help you understand what you are truly going through. Our emotions do not give us a clear reason for why we feel the way we do; they do not tell us what our brain is going through. Instead, they are telling us what our heart feels, but that will not solve your problems. So, talk to a professional not a parent or friend because they do not understand how your brain works or what you are truly going through. Let a psychologist give you an accurate diagnosis, their experience will give you the right answer to help fix your mental state.

Tip 2: Let us be honest, we cannot get a professional that will help us solve our problems. Financial reasons or outright your family thinking that you do not need to see someone and that it is just a “phase”, can be reasons why you will not get to see a psychologist. So now the best thing we can do is either start writing down your feelings or get a person that you feel comfortable talking to. Personally, I did not have a person to talk to, so I wrote pages until I did not have anything else bad to say about myself. In the reality of depression, we think that everything is wrong with us, so write those things down and you will see a very short list. There is nothing wrong with you, not even what society says. Weight, facial features, and your physique should not fit what society wants because they do not see your past, so those things cannot be on your list. And there your list gets shorter, but depression also tells us that we are failures, but we are not and that is the truth. So, you cannot write that on your list, though a stranger to you is writing this, I know that you are going to be successful. Depression is just a barrier that is saying you will not achieve your goal, but depression does not know your strength and power will get you to the top of the pyramid. Now say your good qualities out loud, one of them is that you are an extremely hard worker that deserves the world. Put your favorite song and look in a mirror and say everything that is amazing about you. For starters say that you are unique and hardworking, let your mirror know that you are fearless and will be extremely successful.

You can always choose to talk to someone as well, I did not have someone that I trusted enough to talk to. Not that I did not have friends that cared, but I just did not know how to put the pressure I am feeling on someone else. However, when trying to talk to someone you need to find a person that will understand. Find an outlet that will keep your struggles a secret and will fight for you whether it be a friend or a significant other, they should not use any of your struggles against you in the future. Overall, letting out your feelings, keeping them inside and letting them bundle will not help you.

Tip 3: release more endorphins in your body naturally. Workout, break something, or practice a sport. Do something that will give you a rush of adrenaline. Personally, I play basketball and whenever I am on the court everything seems to fade away, I enter a new dimension that does not let my struggles come along. When I am running around and shooting a basketball, I feel happy. Pick up a basketball or anything that you love and do it, build passion for these activities so that you can also forget your pain for a few hours of a day. Through an axe at an axe throwing place, just let your anger out. Go out and express what you feel, let everything that is inside of you out.

Tip 4: surround yourself around people that laugh constantly, people that make you laugh till your stomach starts to hurt. For me it became my HOSA family, the people that I am working with to innovate HOSA. We spent hours laughing together, and this bond made me feel connected to a group that has the same purpose as me. Finding an outlet of a group of people makes you forget your worries when you are having fun, so find a new group of people that brings joy to your life. Surround yourself around people that care for you and your goals as much as they care about theirs.

Depression is terrible to experience in our early ages, but just try to smile at least once a day. You deserve to be happy, but it is hard when you are trapped in a box that is getting smaller and smaller as the days get by. But you will break free from the box, work on your dreams, find your passion, and break that box forever.


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