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Men's Health Awareness

A topic often undermined is men’s health. June is Men’s Health Awareness month. Men’s

Health Awareness month is a month in which there is a focus on men’s health. It has been hosted

by the Men’s Health Network since 1992.” Men’s Health Month is an annual observance aimed

at raising awareness of preventable health problems and encouraging early detection and

treatment of disease among men and boys” (Unicity Healthcare). It is proven that men die

almost five years earlier than women because they are hesitant to go to the doctor. The

objective of Men’s Health Month is to bring awareness of preventable health problems and

encourage the early detection of diseases among men. There is a big focus on the health of male

seniors in order to live longer and have the optimal life. Health problems like breast cancer are

often talked about, which is a good thing to bring importance to, but it is also important to bring

awareness to men’s health issues. “When it comes to prevention and early detection, men's health

often takes a back seat to women's health” (“The Importance of Men’s Health”). The health of

men is often undermined because it is perceived that men don’t take proper care of themselves.

In fact, men’s health is often overlooked before men don’t have all the information and

knowledge on how to properly take care of themselves. Most men don’t go to the doctor as often

as they should be. An article over Men’s Health Month states, “...Men are more reluctant to go to

the doctor, according to” (Unicity Healthcare). Bringing awareness to men

about the importance of going to the doctor and getting essential checkups and tests is crucial for

the health of men. A men’s health issue that needs more attention is prostate cancer. Prostate

cancer occurs in one out of every seven men. Prostate cancer is cancer that occurs in the prostate