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How to get through college with little to no debt

Apply for scholarships! Never stop applying for them either. Scholarships can allow you to get a full ride if you show excellence in leadership skills or fantastic grades. Trust me, when you see how much tuition plus room and board are, you will be thankful for those scholarship

  1. Save money throughout highschool and while in college. Even better, work more when you are on vacation. The more you save now, the less you will have to worry about working full time while being a full time student.

  1. Buy used books or rent them. You will save a tremendous amount of money doing this. In addition, wait until classes start because a majority of the time your professor will say you won’t even need it

  1. Stay at home as long as you can. If this is not possible, then get an apartment with a group of close friends.

  2. Become a Teacher's Assistant or a tutor. Some schools will pay for half of your tuition or even all of it if you work for them. All schools are different so ensure that you read the fine print and ask questions beforehand!

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