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Health Care Law's Influence on the Medical Field

As some of you may know, my career aspiration is to practice health care law, and it turns out that this particular aspect of the medical field is relatively uncommon when it comes to being in HOSA. Today, I would like to shed light on health care law and show Indiana HOSA how much it does for the medical field. Health care law is a broad term in the entire realm of law, so there are many different avenues that a person could take when it comes to pursuing this career. Health care law can be divided up into two main categories, which would be health-related policy and regulations and corporate health care law.

Health policy consists of making executive, judicial, or legislative decisions in the government. A particular example of a recent health care policy change would be the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act. People that influence health policy could be on the national, state, or local level depending on the issue, such as the ACA being a federal law and local governments being able to limit smoking areas near hospitals.

The aspect of health care law that interests me the most would be the corporate side. Corporate health care law would consist of various things like adjusting contracts for new doctors at hospitals, dealing with employee benefits, identifying Medicare fraud, addressing possible HIPAA violations, etc. Health care lawyers provide a wide variety of skills for the medical field, and they ensure that hospitals and the entire health care system as a whole run smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

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