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How to Study for Finals

1.Prepare at least a month ahead! The earlier you prepare, the more time you have to ask questions to your teachers. Along with that, you will be less stressed as the date comes closer because you know you have been preparing!

2.Start with what you are unsure of. Many of us study what we already know because it is easy to us, but it is the hardest things we struggle with that we should study first. Getting the hard part over with will make your whole study process significantly easier.

3. Get into a study group. Not only does explaining to others help you understand the material better, but your study group can also explain things to you! Along with that, having more people around you that want to succeed as well will enhance productivity.

4. Do not focus on one subject for too long. Studying one subject for hours at a time will drain you, trust me. Try to spend 30 minutes on one subject then switch to another, unless you feel like you are on a roll then keep going!

5. Change your study habits. If you realize that flashcards are not working for you, try another technique. You could try explaining it to others, repetitive actions whether it is writing it down or doing ten sample problems, or turn it into a fun game!

Last, but certainly not least, remember to get a good night of sleep beforehand. Without sleep you will begin to nod off during the exam or your memory will become blurred. Along with that, make sure that you have a moderate sized breakfast. No one wants to be taking an exam on an empty stomach! Once it is time for the exam, the hours of studying you have spent will be put to work. Do not doubt yourself, always go with your gut feeling. Studying for a final will have you walking out feeling happy rather than worried because you know that you got it down beforehand. It will all be worth it in the end so keep pushing hard!

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