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My First Day of College

My first day in college actually was a very rainy and windy day. The bad part is that I have to walk to my classes, which are all 5-10 mins away from each other. My first class was communication and my teacher gave us a nice intro about herself in the class and she let us get up and get to know each other. I also got to see and talk to some other students who have the same major as me which was kind of reassuring in a way. My second was intro to health professionals which is so far my favorite. The instructor seemed so energetic and ready to get started. That class also will hopefully help me on deciding if I want to go the athletic trainer route or the physical therapist route as well. After my classes I went to the commons area and that where different fast food restaurants are located inside the campus. There I met some new friends and had lunch with them. In college you have a lot of free time and I manage it by keeping myself busy with sports and studying its the only way not to get bored. College so far is very fun and interesting and i can’t wait to see what the rest of my year in store.

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