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Finding Your Gameplan

Often times during the school year I find myself and my peers in a bad mood or struggling to stay on top of all our assignments and responsibilities. Over the past year I feel I have learned more about myself and what works for me, in regards to what I need to stay in check and on top of things. I've found that procrastination is my worst enemy and even though I’d like to think I can remember all my homework, I really can’t. Making sure you use your time wisely is something I wish I would have known sooner, because looking back, I could have used the ten extra minutes I had in math class to finish my english homework or study for my PLTW test the next day. Making a game plan for my homework and study schedule reduced my stress levels and made me realise that I do have time for this and I can do it if I don’t procrastinate or distract myself. Finding your groves and what works for you will ultimately set you up for success not only in the classroom, but in the future and in the real world. Having everything planned out put me in a better mood and took off some of the pressure I felt on my chest. I encourage you to get organized, use your spare time, and most of all realize it’s all going to be okay. Don’t stress too much about the little things and do your ABSOLUTE GREATEST!!!

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