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10 Tips on Exercising

1. Always try to eat right! Eating right can help your exercising tremendously and give you better fuel for your workouts.

2. Try to make time and plan when your going to exercise and how your going to do it. This prevents a lot of procrastination and also is a little reminder for you as well.

3. It is very important that you at least exercise for 45 minutes. Try to find something that’s active and focus on the cardio side of things.

4. Before any and every workout you should do at least 5- to 10 minutes of stretching to prevent any pulled muscle and to increase your flexibility and range of motion during your workout.

5. Set realistic goals to meet during your workouts. This helps you push yourself and to actually know what you want to get accomplished.

6. Use the buddy system. Find friends with the same exercise goals that you trust and exercise with them. This can be encouraging and fun for everyone who participates.

7. Find an exercising activity that make you happy and that you enjoy doing.

8. Stay hydrated! It is very important to stay hydrated to prevent body cramps and dehydration. Staying hydrated also gives you more energy for your exercise activity as well.

9. Get a lot of sleep! Sleep helps you refuel and restores your energy. Sleep also gives your body time to recover from an exercise you did prior.

10. Stay Motivated! Motivation helps you stay consistent and keeps your mind positive. It also gives you more reason to push yourself to get as fit as you want to be.

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