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What to do if You are Unsure of Your Future

As teenagers, we are pressured into figuring out the career we want to go into very early in our highschool careers. And although us members of HOSA have figured out we have a passion for health care, we still may be unsure of the career we want to pursue. And that is completely okay. As we grow older, our plans, interests, and goals will naturally change. This is normally what causes us to change our majors, or to simply feel unsure of our future.

Do we follow what we want to do? What our parents want us to do? Or the job with the highest pay?

It is important that those who are struggling with this big decision understand that they are among many others. As someone who is currently debating between multiple career pathways, I can say that it is stressful. However, finding a career that is the right fit for you will make all the difference in your life.

Here are some things to do and some resources to seek if you are unsure of a well-suited career for you:

  • Speak to your HOSA advisors about potential internship opportunities in your community to learn more about careers you are interested in

  • Interview and research potential careers, and align their requirements with potential colleges

  • Speak to a school counselor, and take a career interests test

  • Consider your hobbies, and try to find careers that suit what you enjoy doing

  • Be open and unafraid while learning about new careers that you may not have considered in the past

  • Don’t settle for a career that you don’t enjoy or don’t find interesting

  • Find a career that aligns with your values and wanted schedule

  • Network with employers and vendors at State Leadership Conference to learn about potential job opportunities

Be your biggest advocate in finding your future career pathway, and start researching today!

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