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My First International Leadership Conference

During the summer of 2018, I was very fortunate by being able to attend my first International Leadership Conference with my officer team in Dallas, Texas. From trading pins from all across the U.S. and more to attending insightful educational symposiums, it was quite the experience. I was instantly invigorated with the sight of the pyrotechnics display in the first general session as the national officer team was introduced. It both amazed and inspired me as I heard the confident, booming voices of the executive council. I wondered to myself, how could anyone pass this up?

I would encourage Indiana HOSA’s members to try their best at State Leadership Conference this April in order to have the opportunity to attend two of the best conferences HOSA has to offer! Not only do you get to be recognized for your hard work and determination, but you also have the ability to earn scholarships and medallions. The road to victory will be challenging, long, and will test your passion, but please believe me the chance to stand tall while smiling proudly will be priceless. So please, allow me to see all of you on the big stage this next summer in Florida

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