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5 Leadership Hacks to Help You Make an Impact

1. Always end on a Positive

I always find it easy to look at the negatives in situations.

“This didn’t work out because of ___”, “We’ll never get better because we keep doing this ____”.

But what if we learn to focus on the positives? Maybe you didn’t ace that test, but you know where you need to focus for the next one. Maybe you didn’t get that dream job you wanted, but you advanced in the interviewing process for two other jobs.

You can take this back to a team aspect, too. When one person brings negativity into the atmosphere, it’s easy for everyone to get caught up in it. Try to encourage everyone to end on a positive. If your project or plan falls through, be able to look back on the positives of the situation. Maybe some parts of the project went RIGHT and can be used on the next one, maybe you nothing went right but you learned from that project what you want to do for the next one. If you’re boat keeps taking on water, you’ll never be able to float.

2. Be Dependable

As a leader, it’s important for you to set the standard. Your team looks to you for guidance. If they see that you are slacking, they might see that as an opportunity for them to do so, as well. Make sure the goals and expectations you set on yourself can be met. For example, if you promise to email your advisor or an outside connection to an organization for something your chapter is holding, make sure you actually email the person.