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Benefits of going to SLC

You will meet new people. From my experience, I have made lifelong friends in HOSA that share similar goals that I have. They will not only push you to be better, but they can also help you with subjects that you are struggling with and vice versa

  1. Get ahead in the field you dream about. Nothing is better than getting certified at a young age! Not only that, but the State Leadership Conference could help you explore what healthcare has to offer with our competitive events.

  1. Be ahead of your peers in college. I can not stress this enough, but HOSA-Future Health Professionals has allowed me to learn things that my college classes are testing me over! This will help you because it is review to you rather than new material.

  2. Learn to become a leader. All jobs seek a leader, especially healthcare. Leaders are never born they are made.

  1. You can put it on your resume for college scholarships and applications. Like stated before, jobs want leaders, but so do colleges. Being part of HOSA-Future Health Professionals shows that you are learning and striving to become the best leader you can be. This will ultimately impress your college, make you stand out to get accepted and even get scholarships handed to you.

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