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Time Management and HOSA

Do you know the saying “with great power comes great responsibility?” Well, with great responsibility comes the need for impeccable time management skills. Before my time as a state officer, keeping up with my tasks was possible, but it sure was not done with grace or elegance. I’ll admit it, I have had my fair share of days in which I had done very little in terms of productivity, but regardless I still managed to obtain high grades in courses and accomplished my daily chores. Fortunately, becoming a state officer had caused some necessary changes to my daily routine and worked to break my bad habit of procrastination.

My daily life has become a sort of puzzle by trying to figure out which hours I’ll dedicate to which activities, such as finding how much time to divvy for homework, HOSA work, and of course, personal relaxation time. Being able to manage your time well does not mean that you have to sacrifice your free time and devote every waking out to work, it just means that you have to cut back on some of the things that do not matter as much. Ask yourself, “is this really meaningful?” And if it is not, then maybe cut back on the time you allot for that activity. Even though being productive is essential to get your work done, all work and no play can be a serious recipe for burnout, causing you to produce less valuable work in the end. In my case, I have many more responsibilities after becoming an officer, and I have had to learn how to personally attack them in a smart, effective manner.

My recommendation for those wishing to become better at managing time and responsibilities would be to start with a to-do list, set personal goals, and keep pushing until it becomes a healthy habit. Make sure that you have a good balance of work, rest, family, friends, and HOSA in order to make sure that you feel good about completing your objectives rather than feeling that you are abandoning other responsibilities. All and all, find your personal style when it comes to getting your list checked off and work with what makes you the most productive and happy. Time management is a very important skill and the quicker you learn how to master it, the better off you’ll be in your profession, educational career, and in life as a whole.

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