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Policy and Procedures Manual

An in-depth manual from National HOSA that outlines all the policies and procedures of the national organization.

National HOSA Bylaws

These are the official National HOSA Bylaws. Indiana HOSA has their own bylaws that can be found on the JOIN page.

New Advisor Handbook

A handbook from National HOSA for new advisors or advisors who need some tips on starting or leading a HOSA chapter.

National HOSA Advisor Resources Page

Check out this page for a variety of advisor resources created by National HOSA that can help you connect with your students and bring HOSA into the classroom!

Best Practices

A short guide from National HOSA on how to run an effective HOSA chapter


An activity about the AIDS epidemic that helps students learn and engage

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Advice from Leaders

National HOSA has created a document that is full of advice from current and past leaders about starting a HOSA chapter.

Guide to Starting a Collegiate Chapter

A handbook from National HOSA that outlines how to start a college chapter and includes relevant documents such as a sample constitution and letters to potential advisors.

Prospective Member List

A document designed to keep your potential member information organized.

Affiliation Presentation

A presentation prepared by National HOSA about affiliation with HOSA and Student Government

ILC Presentation

A presentation created by National HOSA that discusses International Leadership Conference.

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