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Competitive Events

HOSA's Competitive Events Program brings health careers education to life through rigorous testing of knowledge, performance, skill, and leadership capabilities aimed at developing, encouraging, and recognizing the brightest future health care professionals. HOSAs competitive events are divided into six (6) different categories which are Health Science Events, Health Professions Events, Emergency Preparedness Events, Leadership Events, Teamwork Events, and Recognition Events.

HOSA members should believe in the competitive events program, not because of the awards to be received in competition, but because of the feeling of accomplishment and confidence gained in preparing for competition. HOSA does not provide competition for competition's sake; rather, HOSA provides a competitive events program as a means of recognizing those students who are willing to pursue excellence by preparing for competition and having the determination to attend a conference and demonstrate the competencies gained through the healthcare science program.

Preparing Students for Competitive Events

Members interested in the Competitive Events Program should follow ten steps in preparing for competition.

  1. Start early. Talk to your advisor early in the fall to express your interest in participating in the competitive events program.
  2. Review the list of events located on the Indiana HOSA website and choose an event that fits your specific goals and interests.
  3. Gather all necessary reference materials (listed in the event guidelines) and study, study, and then study more. If your event has a skills portion, you must score high on the written test in order to get a chance to perform the skills in front of the judges.
  4. Stay on top of all deadlines. You don´t want to miss out on your event because you forgot to register for the region competition (if required for your event). Make sure you turn in all forms and money to your advisor on time so you don´t miss out on the conference. You can´t compete if you are not registered for the conference.
  5. Study the "General Rules and Regulations". You also can´t afford to lose points because you failed to attend your event orientation, forgot to bring a pencil to your written test, or failed to bring a copy of the guidelines.
  6. Practice, practice, practice!! Prepare for your event by practicing- in front of friends, family, classmates, and teachers. Ask your advisor to help arrange for local healthcare professionals to evaluate your performance using the ratings sheets. The ratings sheets found at the end of the event guidelines are the judges score sheets so there are no secrets to how you will be judged. Use the ratings sheets and perform your skills exactly as they are listed on the ratings sheets.
  7. Talk to other HOSA members at your school who has participated in Competitive Events. They may have valuable advice to share.
  8. Take responsibility for your event! Don´t rely on your advisor to bring your materials, supplies, or equipment. They may have many students entered in multiple events, so don´t take a chance that something will be forgotten. Double check the guidelines and make sure you have everything you need when you arrive.
  9. Looks count! You only get one chance to make an impression on the judges, so make sure that you are perfect in your attire. Check your guidelines to see what is appropriate for your event. Remember that many of the judges are adults who may not have your sense of style, so be conservative. Even if you are technically in "dress code" and won´t be disqualified or lose points, judges will often score students higher that are in very professional dress.
  10. When the time arrives, relax! Smile at the judges and show them that you are prepared- all your hard work and preparation will pay off.

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